To do list:
  • Multiple hashes for the cracker (this will make the speed 1/n since each hash needs to be processed separately)
  • Faster sorting algorithm for the collider
  • Make the collider check the same key spaces as the cracker
  • Merge the collider with the cracker and make it switch off between the two depending on which is faster
  • SSE2/SSE4.2/AVX
  • GPU (really only good for the code based off of Secret Squirrel's)

MySQL323 Cracker Beta 5
  • Based off of Secret Squirrel's code
  • Speeds of trillions of passwords/second
  • Key space file for several sub key spaces with per position character sets (best way to do brute force)
  • Linux and Windows for both 32 bit and 64 bit
  • Multi threaded
[number of threads] [hash] [key space file] [resume code (optional)]

I did not include the "mysql323 ming64.exe" because it's slower than the "mysql323 32.exe"
"mysql323 32.exe" 4 0000000000000000 keyspace-s.txt
6.041 Tp/s [25.7% 25.4% 25.5% 23.5%]
Total time: 20.723 seconds
Average speed: 6.014 Tp/s
Resume code: 14103701444

"mysql323 ming32.exe" 4 0000000000000000 keyspace-s.txt
4.872 Tp/s [27.1% 25.0% 22.8% 25.2%]
Total time: 21.183 seconds
Average speed: 5.147 Tp/s
Resume code: 12338285038

"mysql323 ming64.exe" 4 0000000000000000 keyspace-s.txt
5.742 Tp/s [25.9% 26.0% 21.9% 26.1%]
Total time: 20.983 seconds
Average speed: 5.811 Tp/s
Resume code: 13799731140

MySQL323 Collider 1.1
MySQL323 Collider Source (Broken I'll fix it some day)
MySQL323 Collider explained
New in version 1.1:
  • Multi hash with -l|--list
  • Fixed on Ctrl+C the last n-1 threads' work get check instead of thrown away
  • Fixed issue with odd and even hashes
  • -m|--memory is required
  • NOT based off of Secret Squirrel's code
  • Speeds of quadrillions of passwords/second
  • Highest I've seen is 78.88 Pp/s (Pp/s is Peta-passwords/second) with -m 28500 on a i7-5960X at 4 GHz by Rolf
  • Find multiple collisions to a hash in reasonable time
  • Key space is very limited :( but this will change in later versions
  • Linux and Windows for both 32 bit and 64 bit
  • Multi threaded
Please note with -m|--memory this is only for the main lookup table.
In the 64 bit versions there is 384 MiB of other data and 320 MiB in the 32 bit versions.
Using -n saves 256 MiB in all versions, but will make it slower if you aren't using like 40 GiB of ram.
There is a limit of 59,664 MiB of ram. EMail me or find me on some of the forums I visit if you need a higher limit before the next release. I would love to seen this run on a box with 256 GiB or more of ram.

*** Required parameters ***
A MySQL323 hash (such as 7fffffff7fffffff)
A file with a list MySQL323 hashes
MiB of memory to allocate for main lookup table
Number of threads
*** Optional parameters ***
Display this message and exit
Number of collisions found before exiting (default 1)
Run only even hashes (Only applies to -l|--list)
Don't create the 31 bits of the hash bitmap
A file to output cracked hashes
Run only odd hashes (Only applies to -l|--list)
Use t, M, B, T, and Q for thousand, million, billion, trillion, and quadrillion. Instead of the SI prefixes k, M, G, T, P, E, Z, and Y.
Resume code
Silent mode (suppresses output of current speed)
Super silent mode (outputs cracked hashes or nothing with -o)
Verbose mode